Electromagnetic Paintless Dent Removal is an Amazing Process

Posted on: 11/16/2015 by in PDR
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Autobody Specialist Working on the Car DentIn my line of work, it’s not hard to be amazed by the various advancements in technologies and techniques that are used to successfully remove dents from vehicles. Paintless dent removal has become such an important industry, because it allows for people to economically repair their vehicles. This is achieved by leveraging off of modern methods, and some specialist tools.

One of my favorite methods of paintless dent removal, is magnetic dent removal. Using an electromagnetic dent remover, it is possible to easily pull out smaller dents, without damaging the finish of a vehicle. What’s more, because of the relative simplicity of the process, I am able to train my staff to use these tools in record time, allowing us to serve the needs of our customers much faster than we previously could.

From the name, you might assume that this type of repair requires huge machines that use lots of energy and take up too much of your time. The reality is quite the opposite. Using a specialized tool and a coil, an electromagnetic field is produced, which literally pulls a dent back out.

The method is so effective that it is employed by some key industries outside of automotive applications. Companies like Boeing use electromagnetic dent removal to repair damage to aircraft, although they use more powerful machines that can work on a much larger scale. Even so, this tells me that the process of magnetic dent removal is the way of the future. If huge aviation companies like Boeing can place trust in this technology, then so can you.

I take a large amount of satisfaction by repairing dents on my client’s vehicles. Often, clients are afraid that their dents would end up requiring full body auto work, meaning that they are temporarily without their vehicle, and sometimes they might have to pay excess charges on their insurance. Instead, paintless dent removal is cost effective and fast, and it’s always great to see a smiling customer after I’ve surprised them with our highly efficient service.

Even if you think your dents are beyond easy repair, talk to me first. You will find that electromagnetic paintless dent removal is effective on even larger dents, and can restore your panels close to 99% of their original condition. I know you won’t be disappointed in the results, so why not find out why millions of vehicle owners choose magnetic dent removal today?

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