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Mobile Paintless Dent Removal Alexandria VA

light board for paintless dent repairPaintless dent removal or paintless dent repair is a form of auto body repair that was first performed back in 1960. It is a way to remove dents from cars and trucks without the need for major repair or repainting.

Why You Need a Paintless Dent Repair

This process works best on simple dents and dings. These are dents that may happen in the parking lot. They occur from cars in the parking lot dinging your door. Sometimes, they are caused by a hailstorm leaving dents all over your car.

Damage to the bodyline and even large dents can be fixed with a paintless dent repair. Give it a try. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with your repair.

What We Need to Do

Paintless dent repair does require getting to the other side or interior of the dent. We must access both sides of the dent in order to successfully remove it. The inside upholstery panels have to be taken out of the vehicle. This is the only way we can access the underside of the dent.

We can push the dent from underneath the panel. This is done using specialized tools such as picks and rods. We know how to handle the whole PDR process with ease. Once the job is completed, your vehicle will be back to its original shape.

How Paintless Removal Works

This process is very time consuming. So, it takes someone who has a lot of patience to handle it correctly. We know how to work around the edge of the dent until it is completely gone.

By working slowly and patiently with a specialized set of tools, we will get the job done to your complete satisfaction. As specialists, we know exactly which areas of a dent to tackle. In order to get that perfect height and flat surface, we will use reflective lighting.

This helps us to see the dent in detail. It also helps to ensure the quality of our work. We know how to remove dents so that your vehicle looks like it is in mint condition once we are done.

Advantages of Getting a Paintless Dent Repair

Don’t go to another auto body shop to get rid of your dents. Consider letting us help you with paintless dent removal. You will discover that it has the following benefits:

1) It does not interfere with the original paint job.

2) It can be used on all types of cars and trucks.

3) Insurance companies prefer this method because it costs less.

4) This is the best way to get rid of small dents if the paint is intact.

5) There is no need to match the dent with a new paint color.

6) A mobile paintless dent removal specialist like us, can come to your location and provide mobile paintless dent removal.

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